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My updated Christmas Village. I try to add a couple of new pieces every year. Also, this time I changed the layout from a square table to a long table.

We finally got a new furnace and central air!! We've lived in this house for 16 years with gravity heat, which is about a 50 year old system. We could never have central air with it, either. This winter is going to be so much warmer. Almost looking forward to it - - - almost. Old on the left. New on the right. What a difference, right?

old furance   new furnace
It's been a busy summer. We had the house and garage trim painted bright white. It looks real good. We also finally had the front sidewalk mudjacked. If you don't know what that is, I'll explain. When the sidewalk sinks down away from the step, they drill holes in the sidewalk and pump grout into the holes. That lifts the sidewalk. Ours was about 3". It was interesting to watch.

before mudjacking  before mudjacking

Sidewalk before mudjacking


Sidewalk after mudjacking
Happy Spring! I finally got a bowl large enough so that my solar fountain doesn't spill over the sides. Love it!

My daughter bought me this frog a couple years ago. He used to have a solar light inside. It didn't work for very long. I decided to give him a new paint job. He used to be rusty green.

April 28, 2018. Yeah Spring! I re-stained the deck. I finally bought a paint sprayer this year. Boy was that a good idea. It was way faster than using brushes and rollers. Why didn't I think of that sooner??

April 15, 2018. Will it ever be Spring?

back deck  front
Our family on Easter Sunday

easter fun
I made these with 3 oz. bathroom cups. I'll place them on each person's dinner plate on top of the Easter napkins.

Well, we had a little bit of snow last night (2/24/18). This is our back deck looking out toward the garage. Look how deep it is on the table. At least it was fluffy snow and easier to shovel. I am so ready for Spring!


Sadly, my 2002 Ford Escape died. I only had it 6 years. The Ford service dept. said even if I wanted to fix all the things wrong with it ($$), the worse problem was all the rust underneath. The unibody was falling apart. I'm sure it has a lot to do with salt and Minnesota winters.
Anyway I decided I no longer needed a gas guzzling SUV and started looking for a hatchback. I really just needed a grocery go-getter.
After much online research I bought a 2007 Honda Fit at Morries's Subaru in Brooklyn Park. She is so cute and I get 30+ MPG.